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National Championships

BIRMINGHAM 2022 COMMONWEALTH GAMES Programme - see attached for the Lawn Bowls schedule being held at Leamington, 29th July - 7th August 2022

Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 File Uploaded: 6 November 2021 1.7 MB


2nd November, 2021by Rob Short

2022 promises to be a bumper summer for bowls in England.  We are excited to confirm both the National Finals Schedule, and the National Competitions Formats, for 2022. You can find these below, as well as the rationale behind the choices we have made.

National Competitions Entries will open on Monday 15th November 2021 at midday via our website.  Previous entrants will be emailed directly.

National Finals 2022 | Confirmed Schedule

We are delighted to publish the confirmed schedule for the National Finals 2022, which you can via the button below.

 National Finals Schedule 2022

Given the timing of the Commonwealth Games and Bowls England’s access to Victoria Park, the Finals will begin later and run into mid-September.  This creates opportunities for us but we are aware this may cause issues for some participants & spectators with the return of children to school.  Taking into account all factors, we have devised this schedule with the following key principles in mind:

  • We aspire to build on the excitement and reach of the home Commonwealth Games to create a great event for players and spectators.
  • We are endeavouring to maximise the number of players participating in National Championships during the first 11 days of event (prior to many schools returning w/c Monday 5th September).
  • With this in mind, all junior events will be concluded prior to the return to school, or at weekends.
  • The Johns Trophy and Middleton Cup Finals will have their own separate finals days at weekends given their importance to players, spectators and counties.
  • With the increased length of matches in National Championship events, we will hold a maximum of two rounds per day per event in Pairs, Triples and Fours events, with Junior Pairs to remain with three rounds per day if required – subject to qualifier numbers. National Competitions of shorter duration will provide the opportunity for three rounds per day to assist with scheduling.
  • We have aimed to reduce clashes wherever possible.


Bowls Herefordshire representatives playing at the National Championships 2019.  Photographer:  Peter Howsam, Brimfield & Little Hereford BC Bowls Herefordshire representatives playing at the National Championships 2019. Photographer: Peter Howsam, Brimfield & Little Hereford BC

National Championship 2022 – Formats and Qualification

Following an analysis of the survey results and feedback from counties, we will be running all the National Championships using the following formats:

  • Singles (including Junior Singles) – 21 up
  • Pairs (including Junior Pairs) – Four bowls 18 ends
  • Triples – Three bowls 18 ends
  • Fours (including Senior Fours) – Two bowls 18 ends
  • Two-bowl singles – Two bowls 21 ends

For the integrity of the events, the same format must be played at all stages of the Championships including county qualifying rounds.  As in 2021, there will be 48 qualifiers for the National Finals in Championship events. The 13 counties with the most entrants in each event will receive two qualification places.

The closing date for receipt of qualifier information from counties to Bowls England will be Monday 8th August 2022.


National Competition Formats 2022

We will be running all of the National Competitions in 2022 using the following formats:

  • Champion of Champion/Senior Singles | 21 up
  • Mixed/Senior/Family Pairs | 18 ends 3 bowl
  • Mixed Fours | 18 ends 2 bowl
  • Club Two Fours/Tony Allcock Trophy | 18 ends 2 bowl
  • Men’s & Women’s Top Club | All disciplines to mirror National Championship formats (i.e. 4 bowl pairs/18 ends, three bowl triples/18 ends and two bowl Fours/18 ends)


All National Competitions shall comprise of 32 areas – organised geographically to reduce travelling in the early rounds wherever possible. Counties with a high number of entries may be split into two areas, counties with a low number of entries may be paired with a neighbouring county to form an area. The round of 64 will be the area final (county final for most), the round of 32 & 16 will take place at a regional final – dates and venues to be confirmed – in the following Competitions:

  • Men’s Senior Singles
  • Men’s Senior Pairs
  • Men’s Champion of Champions
  • Women’s Senior Singles
  • Women’s Senior Pairs
  • Women’s Champion of Champions
  • Mixed Pairs
  • Mixed Fours

All National Competitions will feature 8 qualifiers at the National Finals 2022. All Inter-Club events will also feature 8 qualifiers, but without regional finals.

BE2022 schedule BE2022 schedule